Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Latest Post Ever.

It was November 2010. I went to Bali and did not get to finish my stories on my trip. It was supposed to go out on a glossy but I figure this is a better way to tell you about my trip because it is not edited and I can post as many photos as I want.

Having never been to Bali, I had to base my expectations on the grape vine mostly nurtured by Europeans. A paradise, most romantic place on Earth and heaven are some of the words that dangled from this vine thus making my thirst to see the place almost painful.

Luckily, I was invited to attend a wedding in Nusa Dua by a friend. We are to stay in Ayodya Resort, previously the Bali Hilton International and since I was rooming in with a Filipina shipping tycoon, I had to prepare myself for a weekend of utmost luxury and fanciful shopping delight.

Nusa Dua is about 45 minutes away from the airport and when we arrived in the hotel, I gasped at the magnificent structure it had to offer its guests. Unlike most of the hotels here in the Philippines, Ayodya Resort was rich with Balinese culture. Intricate wooden carving in every corner, traditional soothing musical instruments played by locals filled the lobby reminding me of what we usually hear when we get a massage service in a spa.

Because the resort was palatial in size and structure, I was not even able to see half of what it had to showcase. I was merely limited to my suite, the vehicle, restaurants and shopping boutiques. Remember, I am traveling with the Philippines’ version of Oprah Winfrey, minus the television show.

Thank goodness one of my best friends, Rosette, lives in Indonesia and know the best places to go to in Bali. The first boutique she recommended is called BIASA. Knowing full well the weather that this island offers, BIASA uses “loom-state” cotton combined with “feather light” muslin and chiffon that give the wearer a natural, clean and contemporary sophistication.

What I love is the versatility in the transformable concept where one piece of clothing is multi-functional through all the hours of a tropical day. A top may be worn as a skirt with the proper draping and attachments. The colors of light blue, pale brown and all hues of cream are visible in the whole store. These Earthy and vibrant naturals are BIASA’S feature on endless chic and summer inspired easy-to-wear creations.
Love this...
An illustration of how to wear one piece of clothing in multiple ways.

Bought this plastic-plastic bag.

I also got this linen-bag since which I consider the "poor girls Birkin".

After spending three hours in one boutique, we felt the hunger pang take over our souls and even if there was still so much shopping to do, we decided to satisfy the craving to taste Indonesian cuisine.

Rosette therefore, took us to this place called Ibu Oka where a huge pig is stuffed with all sorts of hersb, spices and flavors and then roasted. Being a lechon lover, this dish is not to be missed and even if I must have gained 1 pound from one plate, I can honestly say that it was worth it.

One dish is RP 40,000 equivalent to P200.00.

Do you like the skin? You can buy just the "balat".
Or do you like it skinless? Possible too.

With full stomach and energy level up to maximum, we continued to shop for Bali’s best. We headed to Paul Ropp’s boutique. Here, I was able to find shoes, clothes and even bags made of different kinds of material and pattern. A mixture of cloth, leather and rubber made it fashionably quirky that just might work when properly styled.

Fine floral patterns of all colors in silk and chiffon were attractive to the eyes and on the body.

When night came upon us, we decided to experience the Balinese night life. There is only one place in our minds for that kind thing so Kudeta is where we headed. From the entrance to the garden and to even the toilet, this place oozed with class, fun and comfort.

The food was good and even if the restaurant/bar was packed, waiters were still attentive and quick to serve.

Being in Kudeta made it seem like I was far away from Asia. It actually made me feel like I was in St. Tropez because based on my observation, our table were the only ones with black hair, everyone else’s were blonde! Don't you just love it?

The following day, the shopping continued beginning with Makassi. Here, fun and playful finds bought us back to our childhoods’ love for all things rainbow colored.

Zipper earrings, inflatable bags, and cartoon inspired purses made quite a dent in our wallets because of our need to buy something cute for the nieces and nephews waiting back home in Manila.

It was too much shopping for one hot day. We had to cool off so we decided to check out the beach of Nusa Dua. The sun was extremely harsh and the water not as enticing as it is in Boracay so we got our quick fix of skin color. After all, we had a wedding to attend to.

The reason we were in Bali. Congratulations to Sharon and Edwin!

A mother never fails to shed tears.

Our last lunch in Bali was in this beautiful place called Metis. It is an outdoor restaurant with a mini museum and quaint shops. The food was delicious but the shopping even better.

This sculpture is made out of just one tree trunk.
Intricately carved candle. No way will I light this up.

A piggy bank collection that you would surely never ever crack open.

Would I go back to Bali? Yes, but I would definitely stay in Semanyak.

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Very good photos, Candy! I enjoyed looking at them and made me want to go to Bali... :)