Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Time With Felix.

I knew I would catch you as soon as you read the title. Green-minded people, UNITE!

Ok, anyway, enough of that. I was in Hong Kong last week. The party animal woke up inside me and Steffie and I were ready to paint the town bloody red!

After dinner, we headed to Felix in Peninsula Hong Kong. It's my first time there. On the 28th floor, I was amazed at the outstanding view it had to offer. It was late Sunday evening and we were almost alone in the bar but that's the way I like it. We had champagne, and then 2 shots of Sex on the Beach. My first time to try that drink too! It's actually very good and will have it again soon with AG. THE DRINK, I MEANT THE DRINK. Gosh....

They use Philip Starck lighting in the whole place. I was given the $$$ on how much they cost but I would rather not disclose.
Two bars within a bar.
OK, I had to take a photo of the sink in the ladies room. I love love love.

Back to the bar. I think that if I were to hold a jewelry show in HK, this is exactly where I would have it.

We had helipad access.

We didn't really paint the town bloody red. More like pink. I was done after a few drinks and slept like a baby. I did dream about Felix and how I would go back on my next trip. I really like it there.

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Jae said...

I love Felix! Those Philippe Starck bathrooms are crazy. The doors are SO heavy—not very good for drunkies, heehee! You should eat there next time you visit. :o)