Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I used to love posting photos of our finished items in my blog. I used to want to show my readers the newest creations of JBDJ online and get ecstatic when I sell them to clients only thru my post.

But now, I am afraid. I know of a few new jewelry stores that I have to be careful with. I have seen photos of pieces that are so close to what we have done that it is sending us designers crazy! The funny thing is, the photos are sent to us thru our most valued and loyal clients. They themselves tell us that it is a bad copy of our designs. Sigh....

But I really really want to show you this piece because I am so in love with it.

Lucille wore it last night to the Ystyle event at White Space, which I am so sad to have missed. You see, it was also my Daddy-O's birthday and I surely can't miss that. Lucille had to go because she is one of the fashionistas that was featured in the short film that I have yet to see. Paging BEA!!! Please send me link!

Anyway, here's how she wore it!

My newest baby up close.

To those who are too lazy to design something original, be inspired!!! Be unique! You know who you are.

It is detachable and has a foldable post in the back so that you can wear the bottom part as a stud.

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JoanneRK said...

Yeah, I saw those and was taken aback for a while...kinda got confused a bit until it hit me that they weren't yours.