Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puey Quinones for Green Couture.


The Creations!
The Frutti Froyo piece just blew me away!! It's just amazing how you can think of make something this fun and conversational out of paper cups! You surely made one of our sponsors happy about this piece.

This paper gown just shows how old paper can turn into something
"NEWSPAPER" worthy!
Front page at that!

This skirt reminds me of one of my very first Puey Quinones pieces. Love it!
The Designer: In fairness, Puey Quinones!

Dear Puey,

You might have been thru a lot of obstacles lately but I just want to say that I am still in awe of your talent to create. A lot of people asked me why I included you in the line up but I am grateful that despite what you went thru, you still decided to help by donating 4 spectacular pieces to help raise funds for Manila Waldorf School.

With proper guidance, I know that you will make it to the top once again.

With love,


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Anonymous said...

you are the sweetest candy!