Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legally Blonde in Meralco!

A musical in Meralco! Finally! It's been a while since the last.

I just want you to know that I have never seen so many people in PINK under one roof in my life. It was truly the color of the night.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery made the heart silver necklace for Ellen (photo to follow) and because of our tiny contribution, I was able to get my party peeps in to watch the Press Night of the play.

I found myself laughing out loud a few times. Although, perhaps I should watch again to see if they have ironed out the kinks.

Nikki never missed a line. She got all the notes and danced and sang into the hearts of her viewers. It is not her fault that the sound system screwed up parts of the play where her voice was drowned out by static. I like her and as her first play, I think she did pretty well.

Nyoy.....oh my Nyoy...he needs to get his voice out of the acoustic mode. He's in theatre now where a powerful voice is totally necessary, especially when he's singing. He seemed scared throughout the beginning and middle part but at the end of the play, he showed he was more relaxed and made his voice heard, a little too late, but at least he can do it if he tried.

Cristina Villonco is a natural. It's obvious she's done this before which is why she exudes confidence. Wish Vivian had more singing parts though. I would have wanted to hear more of her singing.

Funny man, Calvin Millado who played the UPS guy, made everyone laugh. His uber tight uniform was hilarious on its own.

Geneva Cruz, I have to admire her for what she has to do in the play. She works out, does aerobics, jump ropes WHILE singing that it made ME exhausted just watching her. After her GYM performance, she has to speak her lines and hiding the fact that she is breathless was a little weird. By the way, her body ROCKS!!!!

J and J will surely watch it again because they loved it so. Bravo to the cast and crew!!

Billy Joe Crawford, the love of Nikki Gil's life. He wore pink to show support too!

A little story. When I was 17, my high school friends and I decided to take theatre classes for summer. At that time, it was only Repertory and it was all the way in Makati. I would take the air conditioned bus to go all the way to Buendia because my parents didn't like the fact that I am taking up this class. Imagine? Me at 17 in a bus on EDSA? I was so scared ALL THE TIME. When I got down from the bus, I had to take a JEEPNEY to get to Repertory. I hated it. But when I got to the class, everything was ok again.

My friends and I did a summer play together. It was fun and after summer, I was back doing what I am doing now. Jewellery. But my friends stayed on, learned the art of theatre and excelled in it. Lourdes Faberes is an actress/model in London doing plays and movies and commercials. It's been forever since I last saw her but I have very fond memories of our time in high school.

I am not sure about ALL the plays that Chari Arespacochaga was involved in. Not sure if blogspot has enough space for me to name each one but Chari has come a long way from that summer class we were in. She is the director of Legally Blonde and I feel so proud knowing her. Congratulations!!!

Run is till July 18.
For tickets, call 8927078
or TICKETWORLD 8919999


Joy Page Manuel said...

Thanks for posting this one! I've always wondered what ever happened to Lourdes Faberes. At least Chari I used to see in UPD during our college days. Didn't Lourdes go to Ateneo? Anyway, happy for Chari for another successful event!

Candifier said...

Yeah, Lourdes is quite a successful actress in London. Hope she comes back to Manila soon. Lot of catching up to do with her.

Chari rocks!!