Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy's Day With Mercedes Benz!

Father's Day truly is a special one especially when the father's in your family are as great as mine. My Dad has taken over my Mom's role while maintaining his COOL Lolo status with his grandkids. I am truly blessed to have someone like him as my Daddy-o.

AG on the other hand is not my dad BUT I can truly tell how great of a a father he is to his lil' boy. Cedric and CJ are outstanding dad's as well and only deserve the best.

So when I posted on my FB that my Dad wanted a car for Father's Day, Grace Ang picked up the opportunity to make the Father's in my life truly happy by sending over a MERCEDES BENZ, 2009, E 300 to my house for them to use for 2 days.

Now, the men in my family are indeed car lovers but they are also quite practical. My Dad asked my Mom, when she was still with us, if he should buy her a Jaguar or MB. My Mom would say, "I am fine with our car, as long as it is air conditioned and will take me to where I need to go, I don't need anything fancy." And this has been instilled in all of us since then.

That was a WOMAN talking. Not really caring too much about a vehicle but of course would rather stay home if she doesn't have the right pair of shoes on. I am honestly happy with my Honda CRV. It was my very first big purchase as an adult, it's red and has AC, so I am good....for now.

To be frank, I think we have TOO many cars right now. Since Mom left, my Dad has bought 2 cars. It's only been 6 months. It may not be a Jaguar or MB but still...2 cars in 6 months is something Mom would never approve of. But that's MEN for you. It's like their own shoe closet. The more shoes and clothes the WOMEN buy, the more cars the MEN think they should have.

But when the MB was driven up the garage, the boys came out with their jaws dropped. Of course, I took the opportunity to joke around and tell them that I bought it and well...of course, they didn't buy it and knew I was just kidding. In less than 10 minutes, AG, Dad and 2 little nephews were out the gate to take it for a spin.

AG loved it so much that for once, he was itching to drive around, even to FAIRVIEW! Usually, he just wants to stay home and watch TV but in this case, I had a hard time keeping him still!

I personally LOVED the car. I felt so right in it. Like it was made for me. (BWA HA HA HA) I loved it so much that it was all I could TWEET about all day. But when they turned it over to me, the contract had the price written on it. GULP. As I said in my FB, we would have to sell 5 of our cars to get this beauty. And if it were up to me, I would say, bye cars and HEEELLOOOOO Mercedes!

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