Monday, June 7, 2010

Wine & Spirits at MO!

I am so glad that I went to this event. Even if AG had gone off to Tagaytay without me, I was happy that I didn't miss the Wine and Spirits 2010 held at Mandarin Oriental last Friday.

I got there pretty early, was hoping to get photos before the guests arrived but when I got there, there were at least a hundred people already enjoying the wine and delicious food.

Now, when I say delicious, I MEAN DELICIOUS. There were so much food but Chef Rene Ottlik made sure that it was not only about quantity but also quality. He used the freshest of the freshest seafood and meat, cheese and so much more.

Wine expert Mirko de Giorgi made sure that I tasted only the best and fruity wine that my taste buds can handle. As you know, I don't drink wine, red or white. Through the night, I believe that I was able to handle 7 glasses of white wine. I just made sure that I ate before I drank. I am quite shocked that I was still able to walk out of the hotel without bumping into anything or falling down the stairs. I was sleepy as hell but I wasn't drunk. BRAVO TO ME!!!!

The dessert spread. I am sad because I wasn't able to try even one bite. I was too full, I couldn't eat anymore. The cheese and the parma ham was too good.

They did not only have wine though. They also had MY kind of drinks. Vodka Cruiser and Creme Liqueur.

My party peeps of the night were experienced wine drinkers. We explored the whole ballroom and was fun to just be with them, talking about girlie things and eating good food and wine, BUFFET style!

We were also celebrating the birthday of Ruby Gan! Thanks MO for the birthday cake you gave to my hot momma friend!!

Surely one of the best nights I have ever had. Thanks Charisse Chuidian for inviting me! Can't wait for Wine & Spirits 2011!!!


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