Friday, June 18, 2010

MEGA's Drive for Everything Local.

It was a night I most likely will NOT forget.

It's funny here in Manila because since it is such a small city, each fashion event is like a family reunion. Everyone knows each other and then you end up making BESO to about 150 people. And it's even funnier when one seem so surprised to see another when you know that you will see that exact person again next week. This is Manila and it's either you go with the flow or you don't go at all. What I like about going to this particular event is the VENUE and the THEME, other than the friends I know I will see.

Philippines. It's our country. Our homeland. Sometimes I feel like dropping everything and leaving the country for good out of frustration that I sometimes face in my day to day life. The traffic, pollution, politics, even the bumpy roads drive me nuts. We have built buildings 50 stories high, why can't we make a simple road smooth the way a road should be?

But then again, this is where I am from. The country where I will be deported to when I get caught in Spain for overstaying. (BWA HA HAHA) The country which will accept me with open arms, forgive and love me for who I am. A Filipino.

For MEGA's event last week, it paid tribute to local products. Regine Velasquez, the magazine's June cover girl is wearing a T-shirt from Bench.

The venue was at Manila Hotel which is one of the country's most popular landmark.

The food was all things Pinoy.

Although maybe they should have left out the comment of the organizer out of the final Menu. (HAHAHA. Call me eagle eyes.)

The attire that they asked everyone to come in was the guests' own version of modern Filipino. ME LIKEY! I wore a Rajo Laurel which everyone seem to love which is good because I love it too.

My seat mate, the very fashionable, Ms. Ruby Gan.

Miriam Quiambao wore a super conversational dress. Loved it but only someone tall and skinny like her can carry it off.
Ms. Grace Ang wore a pink pina that showed off her curves and sexy legs. Her back was beaded for that extra OOMPH!

Ms. Cheryl Tiu wore a modernized pina by Puey Quinones.
Off the shoulder made it look hot hot hot!!
Mr. David Kaufman wore his Barong Tagalog (Puey Quinones) from his wedding and cotton candy pink pants with matching pink shoes. What else do you expect from David? Stands out from all the rest.

General Manager of Manila Hotel, Mr. Kleon Keekstra wore a banig coat by Frederick Peralta. It was the most unique piece of the evening.

Mr. Chris Badiola, Florence Ko and her daughter.

Love her hide and seek Pilipinas map from C2.

Rajo Laurel, Georgina Wilson and Nix Alanon.

Frederick Peralta.
Ms. Cris Albert.
Host Tim Yap and Puey Quinones.
Wearing Puey Quinones.
Gwen Ruais, Phoemela Barranda and Ruffa Gutierrez.
Nix Alanon.

Rima Ostwani.

Editor-in-chief of 100 Magazine, Carlo Velasco.
Shahani Gania.

Mr. Mario Katigbak.

Ms. Jeannie Gouldbourn.
Mr. Mark Higgins.
Ms. Frances Lim.
Ms. Janina Hoschka, Carla Perlas and Cheryl Tiu all wearing PQ!

Ms. Sari Yap who owes me so much juicy chizzmizz.
Suki Salvador, Creative Director of MEGA Magazine.



imwatchingyou said...

This entry would have been great if a photo of the star of that night, Regine Velasquez was posted (excluding the Mega cover) and uhmm, it's the JUNE cover, NOT JULY. Tsk, tsk...

Candifier said...

Ay! Ang taray ni imwatchingyou. But thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Also, I didn't get to take a photo of RV because there were too many photographers around her all the time. I was also a guest, don't forget. :)

Anonymous said...

what is up with the pink pants and shoes?

Anonymous said...

Great coverage of the event!!!