Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marvelously Malacanang!

I don't understand why Pres. Noynoy does not want to live here when he takes his post. I have never been to Malacanang. Well, only once in the garden when Regine held a concert there produced by Former First Lady Ming Ramos. It was for PISO PARA sa PASIG Foundation. I didn't get to go inside and so, I never really knew what it was like until Paul S. sent me a link to view his photos of it.

I was shocked at how beautiful it is and how MASSIVE it is, as Paul would say it.

His photos are of rooms which are not open to the public so even if I take the tour, it won't be the places that he took shots of. I am officially jealous but at the same time, PROUD that we Filipinos have a structure so amazing and rich with culture and history.

I had the chance to go inside each room that I would want to see when it was President Joseph Estrada but I didn't take it because I never thought it would be interesting. REGRETTING it so much now.

Thank you Paul for showing me this and for letting me share to my peeps.

This thimble was used to sew our FLAG!!! Amazing.

To view more of the awesome pics of Malacanang, please visit:

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