Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting CARRIEd Away.

It is a small group of 50 and boy were we spoiled! Just like the 4 ladies in Sex and The City, Grace Ang treated her guests to a wonderful evening of good food, great company and an amazing movie. Of course AG would not say amazing but then we all know that men are from another planet.

In the cozy VIP room at My Cinema, Greenbelt 3, the ladies came in full SATC gear making sure that she is dressed to impress and possibly to win the gift bag prepared by Grace.

Guest judge, Rajo Laurel came and entertained us all with his funny antics and jokes while taking photos for his blog at the same time. His job was to choose 4 ladies that best represent Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte for that evening.

But before I announce who won, I have to share with you the HERMES moment we all had that evening. Check this out.

I have to tell you that 2 of the guests who were also wearing a Birkin had to leave early so that makes a whopping 10 Birkins at this movie premier. I was truly Hermesmerized!

Moving on, the food was delicious...although I wanted to eat and drink more, I was afraid I would have to pee in the middle of the movie so I just had a few bites!

Now, it wasn't ONLY Hermes which was heavily present this evening, it was also a Jul B. Dizon Jewellery moment when I got the opportunity to accessorize 4 of the most fashionable ladies in Manila.

May I present to you, Grace Ang, Ingird Chua-Go, Salome Uy and Liz Almoro.

I apologize for the blurry pic. Here's a better view of the ladies of the night and what they wore.

Ms. Ingrid Chua-Go

Ms. Salome Uy.

Ms. Liz Almoro.

Ms. Grace Ang.

Also made them wear a watch to go with their rings!

More to follow.

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