Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baguio, What Happened To You??

I have been going to Baguio since I was maybe 1 year old. My dad and mom would take us there as if it were an hour away. We would stay at Pines Hotel (which is now SM). After Pines, we moved our vacation home to Monterrazas where my uncle owned a home. We took our Dizon Coaster and enjoy Baguio so much that we would go at least 2x a year.

And then we grew older...and we stopped going that often. Our last trip to Baguio was when this photo was taken. My brother and his family came home for a vacation and it was the first time in a long time that the Dizon Family was 100% complete. Of course, Mom was there and the last baby was of Janina's. Since then, 3 more babies arrived and Mom had left. It will never be the same so I am happy that we have this photo to remind me of one of our happy days in Baguio.

For this recent trip, we would always find our way back to Camp John Hay. Since we didn't live inside the camp, we would try to venture out into our old happy spots such as Mines View Park, Burnham Park and even the wet market.

NEVER AGAIN. Now, I may start to sound like a complaining biatch but seriously, if you were there with me, you would be complaining too. The streets were FILLED with JEEPNEYS and cars all using diesel! You can't roll down the window for that breath of pine tree fresh air. It's so traffic that EDSA on a Friday looks EMPTY! (Ok, I am exaggerating but it is the same level)

It reminded me of Binondo.

I want to cry. The city of happy memories is now a city of trash! We went to the Cathedral like we always did before. I loved the way the grass sprawls out from the front and sides of the church because it made it look like it was a church on top of a hill.

This is what it used to be.

For some reason, they felt they needed to destroy the peaceful surroundings and build a disgusting looking pay parking house.

I remember watching a television show during Holy Week about Jesus Christ getting so angry at people who made the Church into some kind of market that He thrashed them away from the steps of the Church. Parang He should do it again.


Paris Gonzales said...

HI ma'am! the feeling you have is the same feeling i feel for my city.. there is a feeling of loosing something special. I feel sorry and helpless at the same time.

-Paris Gonzales

Paris Gonzales said...

I feel the same way.. so sad that we can't do anything to save Baguio. The politics here are so bad that it makes me feel disgusted.