Monday, June 7, 2010


Family dinner last night was at O'sonho, a Portuguese fushion restaurant along Jupiter Avenue.

I really didn't know what Portuguese cuisine was like until last night. Although it already has a fusion tagged to the name so I am sure I am not getting the real deal. But what we did order, I liked. Service was pretty good and quick but the waiters still need to be trained to know what the proper plates to use as we got a saucer as dessert plates. It becomes an issue when it comes to AG and I because we are dessert lovers.

This is pork marinated in coffee with sweet mashed kamote. Very good.
Lamb shank with bone marrow. Good enough for 3 people.
My lamb wrap. I likey but I guess I wanted some yohgurt with it? Maybe I love shawarma too much.
Peri-peri chicken. Also very good. It's tender and juicy with crunch skin!
Their version of salpicao. VERY yummy, especially with warm bread.
Avocado salad was also a good choice. It can be shared by 2 people.
Chorizo. The winner for me.

They need help with their desserts I think. This Toblerone mousse didn't do it for me. It seemed like it has been in the freezer for too long that it even made the strawberries freeze inside out.

After a few bites did AG pointed to me that a piece of PARSLEY is not to be used in dessert. I guess they didn't have mint leaves?
20 Jupiter Street
Bel Air, Makati

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