Friday, June 4, 2010

Mercedes' Treat!

Premier night of Sex and the City was held last Wednesday and Rajo was asked to choose among the guests of Grace Ang, 4 ladies who best represents the main characters of SATC, the movie.

For Miranda, INGRID GO, please come on down!!!!

Rajo thought that Samantha's character was based on SALOME UY's life!!!!

For Charlotte, it was none other than LIZ ALMORO!! She dedicated it to her mom. How sweet. Very Charlotte!

JANINA HOSCHKA was chosen as Carrie. With her frou frou skirt, it reminded me a lot of what Carrie wore.

Sex and The City girls, Manila style.
Guests who enjoyed the premier.

Nix dropped by to say HELLO and to show of his cute pins. I am making him a super adorable one to go with this set.

Your bloggerina with Ingrid Go, Salome Uy and Janina Hoschka.

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