Thursday, July 1, 2010

@Iloveruffag, Twitter blog.

That is her twitter name just incase you want to follow this Super Star!

Last night, her birthday bash was at @Republiq_. Never been there before and it's good to know that there's another uber cool place to go to in Manila for some dancing and chilling.

Anyway, thanks to @iamtimyap for hosting the event last night. It was a great success and lots of fun and star striking moments.

But I have to admit. I was a failure. I slept a lot during the day and had so much time in my hands that I COULD HAVE AT LEAST CHARGED MY CAMERA...but I didn't. And so, middle of the night, it died on me. What a fool huh? Anyway, at least I captured in video the surprise dance number.

@Jdhoschka and I arrived around 9 pm to see a lot of people already partying like rock stars. I didn't get to take photos of other celebs that I saw because my camera hyperventilating.

I did see @RealDonitaRose and her hubby, Eric. Other party twitter peeps were @mondgutierrez @pueyquinones, @rajolaurel @jenniepperson @piaguanio @aminaaranaz @miriamq @solennheusaff @crystallebelo and many more.

The birthday girl looked FABULOUS!! @alyannamartinez, you did a good job and even if your shoes were killing you, you still rocked your outfit.

To @iloveruffag CHEERS to you on your birthday!! We had a blast!!!

Blurry photos were grabbed from twitterers!

See you in Twitter,



Kate said...

If that fur that dangles on the birthday is real, sorry but I don't like her anymore... :(

Anonymous said...

gosh, was that a real fur? eww. either fake or not.. that's not really impressive :(

Anonymous said...

love the post and the use of twitter!! genius!