Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruffa's Precious Lorin Turns 7.

Now, just because I haven't blogged in Candifier does not mean I haven't been blogging. You must also check out juldizon because I am posting stories there too.

But I don't want to neglect Candifier so here goes.

Yesterday was Ruffa's daughter, Lorin's 7th Birthday and boy did it ROCK!

Party Perks did an amazing job with the decor, party favors and entertainment. There were celebrity moms and dads with their babies dressed up as rock stars, as that was the theme of the party.

The birthday girl is just too cute for words. Ruffa did incredibly in raising such lovely girls. Happy Birthday Lorin!!!

Ok ok...I know you don't care about the details. Anyway, the photos says it all. ENJOY!

Choose your own candy, scoop it up, pack it yourself and take it home. It was heaven for all kids and even adults. I didn't want to share mine.

The Rock Stars and your bloggerina.

Don't think I forgot about Venice. She sang a song and I recorded it just for you. (I forgot that I couldn't use my camera sideways but I corrected it after a few seconds. Sorry about that.)

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