Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucille's Fashion Week

My little sister-in-law, Lucille is whom I have to turn to in the morning when I have "what-to-wear-crisis". When I hastily put something on without much thought and enter the office, she gives me a look from head to toe and shakes her head in disappointment. At this point, I have to go upstairs and change. When she finally gives me the nod, I feel much better about myself and confident that I won't look stupid when I walk into Peninsula and meet my clients.

In her computer, all her bookmarks are about fashion. Blog sites on shoes, bags, clothing and of course, gossip. She thrives in this that I often see OK Magazine in her table. I just borrow after she's done with it.

Anyway, Lucille as some of you might know is not much of a talker. She is very demure, gentle and yes, very quiet. But when it comes to designing, she blossoms and amazes us and her clients on her creativity. Her passion for everything funky but yet classy shows in her creations and her clothing.

I decided to document her get up for 7 days just to show you her style and how she glams up simple clothing into fashion magazine worthy.

Oh diba? KLAZZZ!!!


elizar33 said...

wow! she is soooo fasyon!

anne said...

at least cands you only get the nasty in the morning i on the other hand have to deal with it the whole day...but she's really a great shopping buddy plus you get to have a free stylist:)

fuchsiaboy said...

lucille's fashion is so classy with touches of belgian and japanese sensibility; bordering on avant-garde styling but never a one-note vision. it's a stylish eclectic mix!