Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Patience is a Skill.

Sorry but your Candifier has been so very busy that I haven't had time to blog lately. But when I do, you will be shocked to see posts about the ff:

1. The making of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, 32nd Anniversary Event.
2. Lucille, her fashion week.
3. My tree planting activity on Saturday.
4. Ruffa's baby girl Lorin's 7th bday party.
5. Robert Rainford is in Manila and I will MEET him. (thanks Erika)
6. My birthday celebration.

So, please don't get upset when you click and still see Cafe Juanita up there.

I am also working on a project that I hope you will all like. Secret....for now.

Muah muah!!!


anne said...

tsk tsk...i'm so upset! i always check your blog and what do i see candifier slacking off! nah just kidding...can't wait to read about about your new posts:)

Anonymous said...


Bittersweet said...

hi, candy!

i saw your plant a tree info at, i was wondering if the logo that chuvaness used for the blog entry is copyrighted to you or to her?

we, in my office, will be having our 2nd tree planting activity next month and was looking for a nice logo for our activity, will be used in our work tshirt, and would like to ask permission if possible for the logo.


Candifier said...

Hi Bittersweet. To tell you frankly, I grabbed that photo from the net. It's for free. :)

If you plan to use it for a one time event, I am sure it is ok. But to use it for a more permanent thing (ex. stationary, business card...) then I don't think you should.

Thank you.