Friday, July 9, 2010

The Tivoli Experience.

It was about a month ago when Mirko de Giorgi told me about the new menu for their Business Lunch at the Tivoli. I promised him I would go with a friend.

Weeks later, I thought that more than just 2 of us should have this opportunity to lunch at one of Manila's best restaurants so I sent out a massive invite in FB to my friends and fortunately, they didn't let me down.

At P1.600 + you have an appetizer buffet spread which consists of parma ham, assorted sushi, grilled vegetables, cold cuts, prawns, goat cheese salad and so much more. You then have to choose for your main course (2 kinds of fish, 2 kinds of beef) and dessert (apricot tart or raspberry cheesecake), coffee and tea of course capped the very filling and very delicious lunch.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Charisse, Mirko, Rene, Erika and the GM of Mandarin Oriental, Mr. Mark Bradford for giving my guests and I a bottle of red wine, white wine and champagne which resulted to a very red faced Candifier.

There was no occasion but to dine here in itself is already a celebration of life. To enjoy good food, excellent service and wonderful friends who each have a bucket of stories to tell made me feel grateful to the blessings God has given me.

To Joel who was my official photographer, thank you.

Enjoy the pics!

The Tivoli, 7508888
Mandarin Oriental

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