Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank Goodness for Goody!

Two weeks ago I received a Goody Stayput headbands. I was so excited to try them that even if I usually like to put my hair down, I tied it up in a bun and wore one of them. 

I loved the fact that I had no hair on my face and the headband didn't move an inch the whole day.

Last Saturday afternoon, we decided to play dress up. Jody took out my whole make up kit, the clothes we picked up from House of Laurel and the Jewel Shine brush set from Goody. 

It was kaartehan on full blast. 

After a refreshing shower and drink at the Peninsula Manila...... was time to bring out the big guns......

I had recently cut 5 inches of my hair and was excited to style it with my Jewel Shine brushes. Each brush is infused with tourmaline to smooth hair, minimize static and enhance shine. 

The outcome? Well see for yourself. 

Jacqueline likes her hair wavy. 

Jody has natural wavy hair so she put hers up in a pony tail will an Ouchless elastic band. 

It's official. We are certified Goody fans but then again, I have been since I was a very young girl. 

They are also constantly giving away products to their followers on Facebook and Twitter!

Go!! Follow GOODY now!

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