Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Joe Jonas is BENCHed.

My daughter Jody is bent on marrying Nick Jonas. She promises to buy me a house in LA when she does. That way we would still live close to each other. 

When I heard that one of the Jonas Brothers was coming to Manila, I thought, hmmmm, this is probably the chance for her to meet her future brother-in-law so I begged Lucy to kindly tell Ben Chan to let my two girls go to the meet and greet of Joe Jonas. 

Being an angel that she is, Lucy informed me that Ben Chan said yes and to just look for him when we arrive. That's exactly what we did. 

With 3,523,024 photos of Joe Jonas that's now in my iPhoto, I was able to choose the best ones to show you just what a handsome young man this guy is. 

Jody still stands by her man, Nick but for now, Joe is close to her heart. 

Jacqui is thrilled about her day with the celebs. 

The stage is ready for the hottest star in Hollywood, now in Manila. 

His Bench shirt says, HAVE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Raymond Gutierrez did an an outstanding job hosting the press conference.

Ben Chan and Joe Jonas. What a great collaboration. 

Thank you Mr. Ben Chan for making my girls the happiest ever. 

Watch his first song number here. 

After the talk, we were able to get photos with Joe. Still waiting for Bench to send it to me. I can't wait. My girls are also itching to get them so that they can use it as their profile pic in Facebook. 

Thank you Lucy and Ben!!!
Congratulations for this HUGE success! More power to Bench! 

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