Thursday, May 10, 2012

1949 Duck de Chine ,Beijing.

Who goes to Beijing and not eat duck? I mean, I love duck so much that I am responsible for keeping their population in balance. 

Our friends that live in Beijing had only one place where they wanted to take us. 1949 Duck de Chine is quite a place to dine in as it offers a short and small tour of a gallery before you can get in the restaurant. There are artworks that are truly interesting but too heavy to bring home. 

The thought of Peking Duck makes my stomach growl as I type this review because if you know me, you know I LOVE DUCK. 

Even before our food was served, our food server mixed our sauces for us. I know that sounds silly but I actually love the full service and the outcome of the concoction. 

Here are the 3 ingredients for the sauce. 

Step 1, pour them into the soy sauce. 

Give the sauce plate a few swirls....

....and voila! Isn't that cute?

Our salad. The vegetables are fresh and taste superb. 

Stuffed tofu. Done perfectly. 

Our carver arrived and a GONG resounded in the whole dining area. I suppose they celebrate it when one orders their duck as I celebrated when I was about to eat one. 

They put all the duck and other ingredients on the flat bread and you roll it up yourself. In all honesty, I like putting them all on my own. That way, I can put more duck, less onion leeks and more cucumber, just the way I like it. 

Steffie also asked how the 2nd way would be served. Soup or Minced? Guess what....there is NO second way in Duck de Chine...A little disappointed because I love the minced and wrapped in lettuce. I can't imagine what they do to all the meat left on the bones. Such a waste. 

Our other dishes that were outstanding. 

Our egg tart desserts. A bit sad since I am a self proclaimed EXPERT when it comes to sweet endings. But at this point, we were way to full to even order another kind. 

All in all, I would have to say that this restaurant is one heck of a duck place. A bit pricey for RMB400 per person. That's P2,750 a head! But would I recommend it? Absolutely. The duck was wonderful and ambiance was cozy and romantic. Service was not bad at all and all the artwork made me feel like I hit 2 birds, namely duck, with one stone. (wink)

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