Thursday, May 10, 2012

Samar Food Fest!

When THE Bella Yuchengco expressed her wishes to try out the food of PQ at Puey's Penthouse, I got scared. I told Dennis if he was sure about inviting one of the best cooks in the world, mother of Sunshine and Rob Pengson, (chefs and owners of The Goose Station) and an intense, upper class foodie to sample the dishes of PQ. 

Anyway, I went to the penthouse as soon as my store closed to check on things. I was actually quite impressed with the way the set up was done. A table for 7 outdoors was ready for the guests. Roland sprayed outdoor citronella to get rid of mosquitos, which is very important to blue bloods like BY, Rene, (BY's guest) and myself (hehehe). 

As expected, BY and RA arrived on the dot. We were immediately served with freshly squeezed dalandan juice which was refreshing from the hot day. 

Our first course was this crispy fried dilis. Rene loved it so much he ordered half a gallon. I loved it too that I couldn't stop munching on them, even when the 2nd, 3rd course arrived. 

Probably the best bulalo soup I have ever had. It was tasty, flavorful and the meat was extremely tender that there was no need to chew. It was THAT good. I wanted to eat the corn but I was dyahe because no one else did. I didn't want to be jologish. 

BY ordered the soup so that Rob and Sunshine can try it!

The salted egg salad was also very refreshing and what I loved about it is that quality of the salted egg. It wasn't very salty that it leaves an unwanted taste in the mouth. The combination of the vegetables and dressing was perfect.

This is what I call the Ultimate Laing. It had crispy catfish on top which balanced the gooey-ness of the veggies. I love everything with coconut milk therefore I LOVE this dish. 

Another dish that both RA and BY ordered. 

The famous humba. Tender, juicy and delicious. Add the crunchy string beans and you have a winner.

I failed to take a group photo. Probably because I was too busy focussing on Drew. 

What a great dinner. So happy that we are dining there again on Saturday night. 

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