Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Wall Conquered.

I shouldn't have been wearing a dress and my Chanel flats but I am telling you, it wasn't planned that way. I had brought a perfect outfit for the climb but unfortunate things occurred that I will tell you about later on. 

After 5 minutes of trying to buy a ticket to go up the cable car (the language barrier is a more difficult task than climbing the GWof C). We finally got in our cable car and headed towards the wall. 

Our view from the cable car. 

When we got to the stone-made wall, it was Kodakan time. It is extremely beautiful and we were very lucky to have perfect weather during our whole stay in Beijing. The clouds cleared up and we were able to see miles and miles of the wall from where we stood. 

There were a lot of people but not too many that we were still able to get photos of ourselves without anyone else in them. 


Your bloggerina.

After 30 minutes, we decided it was time to leave. After all, how many miles of identical walls do you really want to see? THE problem now is getting down. Our friend had only one way in mind and that is by TOBOGGAN SLIDE. It is a slide from the top of the mountain down to the base. Now, I would truly love to do this ESPECIALLY if I were wearing the right outfit..... I was literally the ONLY one in the entire Great Wall of China wearing a dress. 

Meet the Toboggan slide.

The way down. 

Getting on it was a task because of my dress. I borrowed a friends jacket and scarf just so I can still walk around Beijing with my dignity intact. 

This is what going down on the slide felt like. Wish I had taken a video but this person's video would have to suffice.

Done it once, no need to do it again. 

Thank you to M and M for treating us to this exciting and fun trip to the GWC!!

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