Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Somerhalder Just Made Summer Hotter.

To be honest? I don't watch Vampire Diaries. I have too many tv series that I am into right now and I just like to take my time watching all of them. Vampire Diaries is next on my list but as of right now, I haven't seen a single episode. 

So when I heard the news that Ian Somerhalder is coming to town...I said...who???

My kids of course nearly died with joy. They jumped around the house as if I won the lottery. They knew that somehow in some way, I would find a way to make them see him. 

And I did. I brought them to Peninsula. That's all I had to do because Ian is staying in my second home. I knew what path he would take to get to the Conservatory based on where Paris Hilton entered the function room. 

The crowd that was waiting for the hot star and new face of PENSHOPPE.

I was working on the computer when suddenly, my Jody and Jacqui came rushing in, fell on the floor, crying and laughing at the same time. Apparently, they just saw Ian walk by and they were able to take photos and a video with him saying "I love you back" when my kids shouted, "WE LOVE YOU!"

Anyway, enough of the stories, enjoy the photos! 

An angel came into my office and asked if my girls wanted to come in the Conservatory to see his press conference. My girls fainted. Here are their shots of the very handsome vampire. 

All photos are by Jody, Jacqui and yours truly. If you want to see more of his photos, follow me on Twitter. 

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