Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Kate Spade Collection, 2011.

Kate Spade New York believes that color is a clever thing that changes mindsets, inspires confidence, and lifts spirits. Color makes the world bolder, brighter, and better. For 2011, Kate spade New York celebrates the year of color by unveiling a signature shade each month for the entire year. This spring, the year of color is kicking off with red, pink, and yellow in new exciting handbag, and apparel collections that encourage everyday wear.

To tell you frankly, although I wear a lot of black, I am in love with bright colors and Kate Spade has them all for their 2011 collection.

I took the liberty of "online shopping" for some chic friends of mine.

This belt would totally pop out from the black and white ensemble. Although the H belt is not bad at all either.
I love red. This bag would go well with what Jae is wearing.
This woman doesn't need anymore bags but if she were to wear a Kate Spade bag, I guess this would be the right one for her outfit.
These two ladies can wear this belt with their uber chic outfits.
Since Ria is already so tall, whenever she is not working, she wears flats. This pair of sandals will pick up the orange beads around her neck.
Pia and Clara love colors as much as I do. With their outfits in this pic, these Kate Spade pieces are a total match!
Janina pointed this bag out to me and her desire to own one. I guess if she had it already, she would have worn it with this outfit of hers.
Hot and sexy, Pops Fernandez would love this wallet, because the wallet is just like her.
Lucille is a certified shopaholic. I am sure this bag would be on her list of things to buy as soon as CJ gives her the go signal.
Peninsula girls, Steffie and Beliz have totally different looks but these bags speak their looks perfectly.
As for me, I am also a sucker for white, black and red combination, so this umbrella is mine oh mine.

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