Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Attn: Sec. Ramon Jesus P. Paje!

Dear Secretary Ramon Jesus P. Paje,

May we kindly call your attention to the cutting of century old Acacia trees in Barangay Sta. Clara, Bobon, Northern Samar?

The people living in this area has come to me and ask for assistance in stopping Mayor Jing Celespara from chopping down huge, old and life giving trees.

What used to look like this....

....is down to this.

Please do something to ensure the survival of the trees that are still alive. We do hope that you will not ignore the plea of the people of Barangay Sta. Clara.


Candice Dizon

cc: Bantay Kalikasan, Mayor Jing Celespara


kitkat said...

Thanks horrific! Have any concerned citizens contacted his office directly?

Candifier said...

Isn't it?? I forwarded the link to DENR Secretary, Bantay Kalikasan, Forest Management Bureau and a few people from ABS CBN News.

I also forwarded the post to the Mayor himself.

Hope something can be done to stop it.

Marcel said...

I'm one of the concerned native of Bobon. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for your effort, time and help for allowing your blog to let other concerned people specially the DAn secrertaty, Sec. Ramon Paje through your letter what happen to one of our heritage century old acaisa tree in our belove town of Bobon. In fact, we have created a movement composed of concerned Bobonanon which aims to protect and preserve what is left for our children and for future generation to come.
Thank you & more power to your program.

Marcelo Evangelista