Monday, May 16, 2011

Ayaw ni Lucille at ni Anne.

Lucille, Anne and I pass a certain fly over everyday.

EVERYDAY that we do, Lucille never fails to tell me how she hates this billboard. It's not the dress, it's not the personalities and it's not the brand. It's where Toni's hand is located.

Lucille, "Ano ba! Bakit nandyan yung kamay niya?? Anong klaseng pose yan? I-blog mo nga!"
Me: "Fine! I will blog about it because nakukulitan na ako sayo!"

So here it is.

A few weeks later...

Anne: "Cands, did you see yung billboard ni Ai-Ai for Flawless?"
Me: "No, ano na naman yan?"
Anne: "It's her hand! It's on her boobs!"
Me: "You want me to blog about it too?"
Anne: "Yes, wala lang, nakakatawa lang."

So here it is.

Nakakatawa nga naman.

Sana hwag na natin pag-usapan ito ever sa car, mga sisters. Salamat!

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