Monday, May 16, 2011


Remember how I told you that I am a late bloomer when it comes to shoe collecting? Well, I enjoy it when I post shoe blogs and according to my stats, you like reading them.

Last night, at Rajo's party, I was able to gather a lot of shoe pics from the most stylish people in the country. I can tell that some brands are local which I totally have nothing against. Actually, I am all for it and wore a creation by Maco Custodio. It was the only striking pink I have in my closet so that was a sure thing for me to wear last night.

Aside from the party of Rajo, I also was able to collect a few photos from other parties. I just merely collected them all and decided to share with you my newest passion in life. Maging isang sapatera.

Which one is YOUR favorite?


Kate said...

love this post! :D thanks for sharing! ♥

Joy Page Manuel said...

#s 6, 11, 15....on the fence about 11 though cos of the 'cow' theme...otherwise the lines are interesting.

The S Spot said...

I love the last one.... :D