Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ablaza and Sison!

SIRENs in Sison was the title of the show for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last week.

It was a star studded fashion show with names like Carla Abellana, Tim Yap, Geneva Cruz, Nikki Gil, Iya Villana and many more.

Clothes were intricately designed and created by Michele Sison and accessories all by Jun jun Ablaza.

I have always known Jun Jun to be amazing at styling a ballroom but to see his wonderful accessory line is beyond me. His talent reaches far more than anyone can ever dream of. Aside from being an event stylist, he is also a GIA graduate for gemology, an interior decorator and collector of all the finest things in life.

To you both, CONGRATULATIONS for such a successful show.

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Anonymous said...

Jun jun is so talented! Its about time he showcases it.