Friday, August 7, 2009

Shangri-la Boracay!

Even if it is Hagabat Season, for my birthday, we headed to Boracay. After all, how can you beat P24,000 for 2 people, Friday's resort, inclusive of airfare, breakfast, accommodation for 3 days, 2 night, right?

Anyway, when we got there, it was raining and the wind was so strong that we were able to step foot on the resort at 8:30 pm instead of the planned 4 pm. SIGH.....another long story about Caticlan closing and SEAIR being delayed, etc..etc....

The good thing was that we were able to go to Shangri-la Mactan and have the whole hotel all to ourselves. It was great! After tea and snacks at their 24 hour dining restaurant, we asked if we could meet the Executive Pastry Chef of the hotel. When he arrived, we were entertained by stories from Austria to his future plans. Time flies when you are having fun and so we didn't realize that our tour guide was waiting for us patiently for 2 hours!

So, off we went to our private tour of the hotel. Just for those who still think that Angelina and Brad came to Boracay and stayed at Shangri-la Mactan, YOU were told wrong. They never stepped foot in Boracay and I got it from a super very reliable source. Someone actually working in the resort.

Next time I go to Boracay, I will surely stay in Shangri-la.

Enjoy the pics!

Inside a superior room.

Inside the 2 bedroom villa where Brad and Angelina were rumored to have stayed in. This villa has its own private pool, 24 hour butler and if you order private dining, the chef himself will go to your villa to prepare your food. For this rainy season, it will cost you ONLY P65,000++ per night! Ouch!

The Chi Spa!

Nice place eh? They are already 100% fully booked for December so if I were you, try to go sometime November to experience Shangri-la Boracay! You can make your booking thru Makati Shangri-la, 8138888.


Anonymous said...

looks really nice indeed - but not like boracay in the olden days :)

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Happy Birthday, Candy!!!!!!

Love these photos. But wow, I haven't even been to Bora and its famous sandy beaches are already "wiped out"?

But that Shangrila stay must've been fantastic !! I wish I can fly out there sometime soon!


Tanya Gemarin said...

Hi Candy,

Love these photos. Look great and fabulous resort..


Cheers and Regards

Tanya Gemarin