Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Party That Healed Me.

I guess some of you know by now what I went through the last couple of days. It was hard and painful and although I know that time will heal the wound, the scar will always remain in my heart.

Despite how down I was feeling, I decided to celebrate my birthday, even if it is already a month late, with good and old friends at e's Bar of Shangri-la Hotel.

I was just so happy to see everyone giving me support and valuable advice. I was given strength and knowledge from a few friends of mine who went through a similar thing, or even worse. They all made it and now live a very happy, safe and fulfilling life.

It has only been 3 days since the incident, yet, after my healing therapy, which some of you know how, I was able to sleep well last night, woke up without hate in my heart. I hope and pray that from here, I start a new chapter of my life filled with real love and happiness. Not necessarily from a man but from myself, family and friends.

I know I have hudreds out there but here's to the ones from last night's party that healed my ouchy.


Thank you so much to the Food and Beverage Department, headed by Jojo Berenguer for the wonderful birthday cake. It's the best that I have ever received. EVER!!!

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why what happened?