Friday, August 7, 2009

Boracay in July.

It was windy, rainy and for my whole weekend stay, the sun must have shown only for a total of 30 minutes.

It was the first time of CandyMan and I felt a bit ashamed at his comments about the system/procedure on how to get there but of course, I have no choice but to agree.

When we got to the empty airport here in Manila, we were told that SEAIR flights are all delayed due to the fact that Caticlan airport was closed because of the weather. My heart sank. SEAIR will fly to Kalibo at 5 pm instead of 2 and I thought that one whole day at Bora will be gone. I told them to transfer our booking to Zest Air which will fly at 3 pm.

While waiting for the plane, I called up Friday's Manila office and asked if Caticlan was indeed closed. I was told that it is closed not because of the weather but because there's a SEAIR plane that has a flat tire. Now, I am not an expert but shouldn't it take just about a couple of hours, maybe 3 to tow the plane to a safer place? That way, all flights can resume and no hassle will be dumped on the paid passengers? What I hate most is the lie.

In Kalibo, we were put in a van which had no first we were driving at 15 km/hour instead of 80. I almost fainted with despair.

When we got to the port, it was dark, raining and messy. People lost their luggage and so many locals trying to make a few pesos by offering porter services. The toilet was so dirty and stinky that I had no choice but to hold it in.

We were then asked to pay P50.00 for environmental fees. Listen, I have no issues for paying a fee, it could have been P500.00 IF I see even a slight progress in the vicinity. I suppose I expected the trashy port because I am quite used to it but I was cringing for the foreigners that had to see this. I was so ashamed. Before boarding the boat going to the resorts, this is what they saw....

What the hell? Can't they build a proper pier? I mean, Boracay is a main destination of both locals and tourists. This is like patcha-patcha of old wood! Nakakahiya!

We met up with the new GM of Friday's and he told us that unfortunately, 2 feet of sand has disappeared from its shore. I was so shocked at this news because we all know that the sand of Boracay is unmatchable.

I have been to Boracay during Hagabat season two years ago but I have never seen the waves go far up the shore like how it does now. There were sandbags already strategically placed to avoid the disappearance of the sand and you can really see the mark of where the sand was on the trunks of the coconut trees. Tsk tsk tsk. So sad.

Kawawa naman si Boracay.

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Boracay Hotels said...

Disappointed.. Hopefully, you can clean and careful this island.. There so many dirty thing in ocean...

Tanya Gemarin