Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucy Torres Gomez

I don't need to tell you how the Dizon's adore Lucy T. Gomez, whom I fondly call LTG. You can probably put catsup and mustard on this woman and she will still look magnificent.

Unlike my previous post about me sucking up to Ginny, I don't need to do that to Lucy and what I am about to post will surely make you understand how beautiful this girl is, inside and out.

May I present to you,

LUCY for Jul B. Dizon Jewellery.

The Lucy Gomez Collection


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!

This is just a sweet post! I love love your jewels. I hope to own one someday. Saving up is a real PITA. Love the earrings on Lucy, the one with the blue gem & baby pearls, how much? and the two rose ivory (is it?) rings are just so pretty. too bad it won't fit my chubby fingers. sighhh..wish i have an oil field in our backyard. or maybe a gold mine.

keep up the posts. i get my bling fix from you & your sis' blogs.



candifier said...

Hi HB! Thanks for reading! All the pieces that you inquired about are sold.

Not sure an oil field in the backyard is good. Unless of course you have hunks to handle it. Just make sure they are shirtless when they strike oil! :)