Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Things Come in 3's.

Three great things happened yesterday.


I only spent three hours at work (hahaha). Second, we finally met up with Moms for Moms who's working extra hard in helping out Fabella Hospital at Pepper Lunch, care of Chuvaness. We decided to take a trip to the hospital next week and see for ourselves what the hospital needs so we can buy the items with the money raised.

For your information, altogether, we were able to reach an astonishing amount of P830,000+ (please see for exact amount).

I feel that this will go a looooong way to make the situation of the babies and mothers in Fabella a lot better but of course, the contributions and assistance will always be welcome.

Here's a photo of the Moms who started it all.

Rea Gomez-Harrow, Sheila Catilo, Tina Navarro and Edna Chua and their little ones.

My favorite bloggers.


We had our make up done at Body Shop, Rockwell, once again, because of Chuvaness. We decided to get our face done for the launch of a magazine happening at Greenbelt 5. Thanks to the Body Shop staff who accommodated us and made us look cute! (hehehe)

Your bloggerina and the artist.


Celebrity hunk and chef, Rob Pengson graces the cover of 100 magazine. It was launched at Lusso at Greenbelt 5. Cocktails and happy liquid were passed around like there's no tomorrow (especially when you give the waiter a tip, heheee).

I was so happy last night because I was amongst my favorite people. Ms. Bella Yuchengco, Sunshine and Rob Pengson and the CandyMan.

Cedric being sandwiched by two white boys. (wink wink)


Ryan Vergara and his girlfriend Garovs.

Chuvaness and Janina D. Hoschka.

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khaz of beautiful things said...

haha. that pic of jeroen giving cedric a kiss made me laugh