Monday, August 17, 2009

Final Results of Auction for Fabella Hospital.

It was last night, midnight, when I received the final bid for the pair of orange and yellow sapphires with peach fresh water pearls in oxidized silver.

It is P30,000 and I must say that this bidder is getting one heck of a deal. Not only is she getting a pair of earrings that's worth P50,000 from Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, she is now part of a kind hearted group trying to raise funds for this hospital (ahem ahem).

Perhaps should make this auction thru my blog a monthly event. Stay tuned for that. It feels so good to help out and see people help through you. It's a different high...maybe I should run for president (bwa hahahah).

Congratulations to the final bidder!

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Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Congratulations Candy! Thanks so much for helping out :)