Monday, August 10, 2009

Make Mine Chunky!

I have been in this business since I was 16. Whenever I see my mom design a huge ass ring for her clients, I secretly thought, YUCK. I always wondered why anyone would wear such a huge ring.

I suppose I see the evolution of how women wear their jewellery from their teens up to their late 70's. I for one realized how much I have changed in taste when it comes to jewelry.

I used to love those skinny dangling earrings and I would be caught dead wearing a stud because I thought it looked too mature for me. I also didn't like yellow gold before. I always wore white gold or silver.

BUT NOW....geez....I don't even see myself wearing anything simple and thin and small. It's BIG all the way baby!

For the past few months, I realized that all the rings that I have designed are huge that some of my clients are having a bit of difficulty wearing it. As much as I try to explain that it is really how rings are to be worn now, it still needs a lot more convincing to some of my clients on how to go CHUNKY on their fingers.

Here's how it looks like on mine.

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Anonymous said...

i have chubby fingers eh, also have a nickname for them, longganisa. hahaha! will this work for me and my longganisa? i like photos 2-4.