Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Birthday Loot!!!!

There are good things and bad things about celebrating ones birthday.

1. You are a year older.
2. Clock is ticking faster. (I kinda still want to have a baby)
3. It costs quite a lot.

1. You are amongst your good friends and family.
2. There's plenty of food and a free birthday cake.
3. The gifts!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

After last night's celebration, I decided to open all the gifts in the morning. Perhaps it would cheer me up from my recent ouchy. And boy, it sure did!!!!

Thank you to all!!!

I feel like a Price is Right showcase girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!

i am one of your 12 readers as you say, i live vicariously through you, the baghag & chuvaness, i don't know what happened but i guess from your friends & family, you have heard it enough (we're here for you, everythings gonna be alright yadda yaddaa..)but i'm just a fan who feels like you're my friend na din. so here's a hug & a pat on the back, that you'll be alright because you are a beautiful person, inside & out. God has a grand plan for you.

I hope to meet you someday, when i have the guts & money! to show up in your store.



Anonymous said...

hey,wot happened to u ???? watever it is,gud to hear tht u r up n about n dealin with it well...take care :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, I Love your hair! Glad you didn't color it like most Filipinas, I am tempted to color mine. What do you do to make it thick like that?
Also, love your earrings, can you make something like that without the expensive stones? Like clear quartz, topaz or maybe white sapphires? I am saving up my Speedy bag fund for a JBD jewelry.



candifier said...

Hi RG! Thanks for the compliment. I guess I was just born with the thick hair. I don't do anything to make it thicker. I dont want to color my hair.

My earrings? Surely, i can design something for you using different stones. let me know your email addy!

Anonymous said...

i swear you are better off without him, candy. take care.