Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Auction for Fabella Hospital TheBagHag Way.

Seeing the photos at chuvaness.com of the babies and mothers in Fabella Hospital and inspired by the project of thebaghag, I decided to help out this project by also doing an auction to which all proceeds will go to the betterment of the maternity ward of the said hospital.

Just like Thebaghag, I will start the bid at increments of P100.00. Please email me your bids at dizon.candy@gmail.com

Please include the following details:
1. Your full name
2. Your address
3. Your telephone number (work AND mobile)
4. Date and time of your bid as you write that email to us
5. Your bid amount (if it's in US Dollars, we will convert that amount with the daily rate given by BDO Bank)
6. Type this statement on your email bid to validate the bid. "By submitting this bid, I am responsible for completing full payment of my bid above should I win."

Payment terms: Full payment within 7 days of auction close on August 16. We will accept cash or credit card payment for the payment of this earrings.

One pair of flower earrings with orange and yellow sapphires with peach freshwater pearls in oxidized silver priced at P50,000.

I admire Thebaghag for reaching out to the needy like this and sometimes, it takes just one person to start a great thing from happening. Chuvaness has started doing PayPal and Daphne has also pledged her support. It is a pleasure working with these wonderful people for an even more wonderful cause.

For more information about this project, please click on the following links:


Anonymous said...

Until when is the auction? Aug 16 as well?

candifier said...

Yes, sorry August 16, sorry I failed to mention it.