Monday, August 6, 2012

Pat's Birthday Bash!

Venue: Salon De Ning
Group: Joy Luck Club
Goal: To drink as much alcohol as one possibly can
Weakness: Low tolerance to alcohol
Tactic: Check in the hotel
Result: Success

I have learned my lesson when it comes to being out with my JLC. These people are experts when it comes to drinking their scotch, red wine, white wine, vodka and what have you. 

I had my 2 Ning Slings and it was over for me. 

Especially since I didn't eat anything before when this spread came to our table, I attacked it like there was no tomorrow. Last thing I wanted to do was replace the lead singer in the band and sing sad, sappy love songs. 

I wore my Unzipping Dress by James Reyes. 
This is supposed to be the back but I think it's cuter this way.

But of course I still appreciated the fine things in life and so when I saw CYT's clutch, I had to instagram it! 

The party animals!!! 

Cassey doing a number.....without a band, without a microphone and without music....
Ok, Cassey was just posing...not really doing a number..but it's still cute.

The Bar was opened just for us. This was nearly 3:30 am. 

Things were getting crazy!!!

Sandy and I. Notice the change in outfit. 
I had to get out of my heels so I changed quickly up in my room.

 Cleavage power!! 

Happy Birthday Patrick!!! 

Thank you CYT for allowing me to go home at 4 am. Thank goodness it was just an elevator away. 

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