Monday, August 13, 2012

Donating the Organized Way.

We were told to meet the Mayor's wife at 10:30 am. 2 buses and 1 van full of clothes, food and hundreds of relief packs were ready to be given to the flood victims of San Mateo, Rizal. 

At 10:30 am, Tina Diaz arrived. I love the fact that she was on time. 
She was accompanied by the army and police. 

We were led to the Ynares multi-purpose covered court.

The 300 families of Sala and Bungahan, San Mateo were lined up, sitting down and patiently waiting.

The police, barangay captain and staff of the Mayor made sure that every single family representative had a stub to be able to claim their goods. It was given to them the day before our visit. I was so happy to see how organized they were. How obedient everyone was when given instructions. 

Maco Custodio giving out the relief goods along with the Grade 11 students of Manila Waldorf School.

Everyone loved the pails!! 

Distributing food. My auntie, we all lovingly call Larbs, donated 300 pieces of assorted breads. 

Grade 11 students of MWS did an amazing job at reaching out to help the needy.

The MWS, Parents, Teachers and Friends who made it all happen.

With the Mayor's wife, Tina Diaz and Isaac Belmonte. So kilig when the "Mayora" told me that she recognizes me from my blog as she is a reader!! She also told me that she reads Chuvaness. 

The best team partner. 

It was such a wonderful feeling helping those affected by the floods. Really was impressed at how orderly the distribution went and I think it is because of the efficient staff of the Mayor's office and of course, with the help of the army....

...and the police. 

Watch the video HERE.

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Anonymous said...

BIG thanks to you, Ms Candy and to the entire Waldorf community for helping the flood victims from Sala & Bungahan! Your kindness & generosity truly made a difference in people's lives. Thank you on behalf of Mayor Paeng and San Mateo, Rizal!