Friday, August 24, 2012

One of Those Days.....

The other day, I decided to clean up my iPhoto and in the process, I found myself in tears. 

I saw photos of Mom...when she was still healthy, adventurous and always smiling. 

I read somewhere that bottling up sad feelings may not be healthy so instead, I would like to share these photos with you in hopes that it will somehow ease the heavy feeling I have lately. 

Despite looking silly and going to be hundreds of feet above the ground, Mom still had time to pose. Guess that's where I got it from. 


At our Lifestyle Asia cover shoot. Who would have known that it would be her last cover feature? 

One of those days when she had an appointment in Peninsula. Lauren comes along to "learn" the business from the best. 

With my Auntie Jona at Nielsen's, now Escolta at The Peninsula Manila. 

At a Christmas break in Tagaytay with the whole Banas clan. I truly believe that it was my Mom that bonded the family together. 

For Juliette's birthday and we took the Dizon bus to Enchanted Kingdom. Mom suddenly wanted to go on all the rides. I was quite surprised that she was so game. 

The ONLY man that my mom was sweet to besides Dad. 

It all seemed like yesterday.....

In our farm in Siniloan. It's not the same without you. Miss you Mom!!!

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