Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5th Time at The Goose Station!

Probably my 5th time to dine here, The Goose Station remains one of my most favorite places to eat. 
I love the consistency of their food, preparation and presentation. 

It's also a huge bonus when you are dining with such fun friends. 
Dennis, me, Angela, Puey, Markus, our host Ms. Bella Yuchengco and Rene. 
Photo by Puey Quinones

You will see how good it is just by the photos alone. 

I can have about 10 of these Foie Gras Cone.

I call this the TRIO TEASE.

Angela and Rene were very happy with her Mushroom Tortellini.

Eggs Benedict like no other.

My Pumpkin Chawan Mushi is a must. 

Markus ordered this Beetroot Salad. 
Textures of beet and dragon fruit with goat cheese, herbs and nuts.

24 Hour USDA Short Rib Steak was my order. To die for.

Roasted Scallop. Fideua negra, morcilla, angulas, anchovy, lemon curd and peppers was Puey's choice.

This is a spiced sweet potato puree, fennel, black garlic crackling, cauliflower migas in shrimp bisque is what makes up this Salmon dish of Angela.

Foie Gras Special. 
Photo by Puey Quinones

Duck Confit for Rene. I tried this last time and it was divine.
Photo by Puey Quinones

Lamb breast was Dennis' choice. His empty plate must mean it was good. 
Probably too good to share because I didn't get to taste it. 
Photo by Puey Quinones


Chocolate Candy Bar with Raspberries

Cheesecake Muscuvado

Tres leches (part of the Rizal menu). 
This is supposed to be before Rizal was shot.
Photo by Puey Quinones

And when you dig in, out bursts a red syrup symbolizing his blood. Very artistic. 
I mentioned that Carlos Celdran would surely love to try this out as the Rizal menu comes with a story behind each dish.

Photo by Puey Quinones

Thank you so much Tita Bella for this wonderful dinner. We should do this more often....actually, I hope to see you again on our Sunday lunch binge!! 

Photo by Puey Quinones

Photo by Puey Quinones

Photo by Puey Quinones

For reservations, please click The Goose Station. 

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