Friday, August 17, 2012

Magic at Snow Patrol.

I first fell in love with this song when I watched Grey's Anatomy. 
I was in tears. I was crying like a baby. Please skip to 2:10. 

I can't believe I stood there, while Snow Patrol sang it live. 
I wanted to cry even if I didn't have a Denny story. 

Before the concert, we did our own photo shoot. 

Jacqueline is my own rockstar!! 

Jody is the future producer! 

Anne tells me if I know the song or not. 
If yes, we stand up, if not, we sit and check Twitter. 

Love our seats. Not too near, not too far. 

They are so nice!!! Listen to his speech about the recent flooding incident in Metro Manila. 

Except the bouncers are so totally blocking our view. I really don't think they should stand in the middle of the aisle the WHOLE time. It's worse than prison.

Bad trip.

The favorite song of everyone. 

Dear Jad,

Magic secretly came to my house the day of the hardest rainfall in Metro Manila. It was flooded outside and I was busy packing relief goods. He needed to pick up the ring because of his plan to propose the very next day, during the Snow Patrol concert.

I urged him to wait till the rain stopped but he needed to go because of the Smashing Pumpkin concert! Well, at least he agreed to wear the raincoat I forced him to use.

You have a keeper!!!


And just as the chorus was sung, Magic kneels and proposes to Jad.
See how he proposed here.

Notice that box?
Well, it's a Jul B. Dizon diamond ring!

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Liwanag. (UUUUYYYY)


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