Monday, August 27, 2012


Pond’s White Beauty Detox Day Cream

Every girl wants to score pinkish white skin. Clear skin paired with a bright complexion can easily stave off years and give one a luminous glow. As the leading face care brand in the market, Pond’s understands the different needs of Filipino skin.

Locally, aside from wanting oil-free skin, Pinays also crave for an even complexion. With Pond’s White Beauty Detox day cream, you can manage to get that coveted pinkish white glow and help rid your skin of unwanted marks and unsightly blemishes. The most effective spot corrector in the White Beauty line, this day cream zeroes in on dark spots and effectively lessens pigments in scars for a clear and even complexion.

With the latest innovations from Pond’s that directly address specific skin needs, Pond’s once again shows how much it cares for Filipino women and their skin.

So far, I like what it has done to my skin. You should try it too because everyone wants flawless skin without having to spend too much. 

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