Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Level Up with Rajo for Parisian!

It was all I could read about in Twitter. How excited people were to see the collection that Rajo designed for Parisian. This is not the first time Rajo Laurel designed shoes. In fact he had a few pairs before that he used for a show and of course, I have one. I think it was for T. 

Anyway, I made the long and difficult trip from Shangri-la to MOA. I don't particularly like going to this mall because of the traffic and distance but for Rajo and shoes, I made the sacrifice. 

When I got there, about 300 people were waiting anxiously. Luckily, I was waiting with fabulous people like Venisse, Sam and Jae. After a while Jujin, Melvin and Paolo came to my side and we all made chika! I had to take a photo of Paolo's shoes because it seems like something even Lady Gaga would find wild! 

The show started and I got a little bit of the start using my iPhone because smart as I am, I forgot my camera in Shang. 

After the fashion show, it was chaos at the shopping corner. Thank goodness I had a lookbook and all I had to do is sit and order by pointing to the salesman. He was very efficient. Made my shopping so much easier. 

As I paid, everyone wanted a photo of me (NAKS) because I had purchased 12 pairs. But wait, before you think I am a shoeholic, I am not. I shopped for my sisters and daughters.

Thanks to Jenni Epperson for this photo!

Here's what I got.....
....and what I am wearing today. 

And with hot and sexy shoes like this, you can afford to put your feet on the table! 

This is what I got for Mitzi! 

Wore these the whole day last Monday. It didn't hurt because of the 5 inch height but there is a slight scratching at the back because of the zipper. 

This came in two colors which Jody and Anne both loved and wore last Tuesday. 

Got these for Jacqui.

And this one went to Lucille but in a purple color. 

The other pairs of shoes already went to my other "sisters" but I haven't seen them wearing theirs yet. When they do, be sure to check back on this post because I will update it. 

Basically, 12 pairs of shoes for one person is nothing new to some people but this shopping experience made 7 girls happy to have a RAJO for PARISIAN. 

The price range is about P999 - P2,200. Very reasonable for something so fashionable. 

By the way, I bumped into Harley Sy the other night. He actually thanked me for my purchase. He also said, "I saw you that night and wanted to say hello but you were being swarmed by photographers so I didn't get to."(Hanep sa leveling!)

Imagine, one of Henry Sy's son thanked me for buying shoes. How awesome is that? 

Anyway, Rajo, my love, congratulations to you and Parisian for a successful launch and tie up!

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