Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gobbling Up The Turkey!

Two weeks ago, Minena invited the Joy Luck Club girls for Thanksgiving dinner at her house. We were only too excited to accept and were armed and ready to chow the awesome food that she prepared.

Minena, as you may or may not know, is the Martha Stewart of my JLC. When she hosts, expect the best quality food, service AND presentation. We have often asked her to put up a restaurant and earn gazillions but she refuses to cook for anyone else except us. How lucky can anyone get, right?

Our sit down dinner

In front of our plate, we all had a cake in a bottle! It was a very moist Red Velvet deliciousness in a bottle that is ready to eat whether you are at home or on the road because it came with a spoon! The bottles were also very pretty! Can't wait until she expands this product and sell it to the public.

Where there is the JLC, there are bottles and bottles of happy liquid. 

And now, the FOOD!!! Seeing the photos now is making my tummy rumble! 

I so want to eat this right now. Melt-in-your-mouth beef with mushrooms with Truffles soaked in it's own juices.

And the piece de resistance, TURKEY!! Cooked to perfection, I have to tell you that this bird was moist, tender and juicy and the best tasting ever!!!

Came with all the goodies that usually come with it!

Wanna see how we killed that bird??? I have to tell you, it was a GIRLS DINNER (with Eric, who did the carving for us.)

Even the desserts were homemade. 

Banana bread pudding that is sinful but worth going to fat-hell for. 

And would you believe that after that wonderful dinner, I was still able to do a little bit of work by delivering this green emerald ring to my BFF? I was so touched that she even wore the green H to welcome her new baby! 

Minena, THANK YOU and I know that we don't have to tell you how grateful we are for having you in our lives. We also thank God for giving you the magnificent skill of cooking food perfectly. However, not sure if we are thankful for the 5 lbs. we all must have gained in one evening.

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