Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go for Koh Gen Do!

Envisioned to rest and restore skin, Koh Gen Do was designed to stimulate and support skin’s naturally restorative functions. In their search for natural skin protection, their line blossomed into an innovative skincare line, and eventually became a collection of high-performance makeup.

Guided by an experienced skin care therapist who integrated her profound understanding of human skin with herbal medicinal techniques, Koh Gen Do’s products use plant extracts and other ingredients from nature whose safety has been proven throughout history to create cosmetics products. Their special formulation does not make use of artificial fragrances, petroleum-based mineral oil or synthetic pigments.

Koh Gen Do believes that makeup should not hide your face but instead enhance and bring out the natural beauty from within. Their skincare-based makeup collection which includes a wide range of Moisture Foundation, Aqua Foundation, Makeup Color Base, Moisture Concealer, Pressed Powder, Triple Lighting Foundation, Face Powder, Natural Lighting Powder, Fresh Face Blush, Lipstick and Lip Gloss, is breathable, beautiful with moisturizing and enriching ingredients blends with the skin naturally for that perfect natural finish.

I have yet to try the face powder, blush, lipstick and gloss but I plan to do so. Will do another review on that when I get the chance.

Koh Gen Do’s products integrate their innovative concept into a glamorous, eco-friendly makeup line. Used in backstage for hundreds of productions, credited in over 200 international films and cherished by actresses and makeup artists worldwide, Koh Gen Do products continue to draw a cult following the world over in thrall of that exquisite, more than just make up flawless finish.

These are the foundation, concealer and corrector that I have been using lately.
I have lots of eye make up. I put on concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara and a touch of powder. I am telling you this now, this CLEANSING SPA WATER really does magic when taking all of the make up off. Promise. 

Morimitsu Miyamoto, showed us the best way to bring out the beauty of our skin using Koh Gen Do products. He emphasizes that the concealers are not just make up, it is also skin care. 

In the Paris Collection he was the lead makeup artist for Dior, YSL, Nina Ricci, Karl Lagerfeld and more. While keeping his base in Paris, he actively works with A-list actors in Hollywood to the film and print world of Japan. One of the well-known makeup artists in Japan, he is loved for his work internationally.

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