Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween by Manila's Martha Stewart.

When Minena holds a party at her home, expect the whole shebang. From intricate decor to delicious food and overflowing drinks, this woman knows how to partteeh like a rock star. 

For Halloween, we pretended to entertain and give the kids a good time by having a get together at her house. In actuality, it was just a reason for US adults to dress up and hang out because most of the kids were sent home even before dinner was served. Haha!!! 

My cave daughter. 

Cruella Deville, hostess with the mostess!

A walking, living doll! 

My Jamaican patty guy!

The Sheik with his clown. 

CYT and I came in as geishas. And to think that we are probably the brattiest and most spoiled women in the gang, makes it even more weird. 

What a wonderful treat! Thank you Pat and Minena for having us!

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