Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heaven in Angel's Kitchen!

The Dizon Family planned a dinner out last night and we all agreed to have it at Angel's Kitchen where we have tried and tested to be one great place to dine at. 

Must be my 4th time here and Lucille's 10th and we don't plan to stop there. 

Last time I was here, though, was with my Mom and I remember clearly how much she enjoyed the food. The service is also impeccable. It's always such a pleasure to visit Angel's Kitchen for some awesome chow time. 

What I became really excited about is Mi Casa. Bottled products, sweets and frozen food, all to go. 

For the holiday season, Mi Casa prepared some very delicious packages that made us stock up for our gifts to clients but mostly for our own kitchen. 

Lengua de Gato! One canister is for me alone. No sharing on this one. 

These are marinades for your meat. Perfect for people like me who cannot cook. 

White chocolate polvoron! Hello! Childhood love with a twist!

Polvoron dipped in Belgian Chocolate. How can anyone go wrong? 

LOVE the packaging!

This is a gift pack that includes 2 pasta sauces.
Chorizo Bolognese and Puttanesca and a bag of Penne.

Unique blends of Tuna in one box!
Tuna sisig, Tuna Laing and Hell's tuna with Melba Toast.

A Perfect starter for every party.
Chicken Pistachio Liver Pate, Tuna Olive Spread, Spinach Pesto with Melba Toast.

Gourmet food in a bottle! This has to be my ultimate favorite!
Chili Garlic Tinapa and Adobong Tuyo! Also available are Spicy Tuyo and Lemon Garlic Tinapa.

The best value in town with all the finest selections in one box. 
Adobong Tuyo, Lemon Garlic Tinapa, Coffee Date and Walnut, Chicken Pistachio, Mango Dressing and a pack of Melba Toast. 

And after so much shopping, the best part comes.....EATING!

I stepped out for 1 minute and when I got back, everyone went through the other desserts like they haven't eaten in years.

I will remind you again: When eating with Candifier, you cannot touch the food until I take a photo. HAYYY.....This is all I was able to get.

Angel's Kitchen 
57 Connecticut St., 
North East Greenhills San Juan, 
Metro Manila, Philippines

Mi Casa: 7245430 / 7218822 / 7441018
Mobile No: 09175352033

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