Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Skin only at The Skin Inc.

I never really have too many problems with my skin. With a bit of make up, I am good to go. 
 Until I got a major pimple on my forehead. It was huge. I am thinking Mt. Everest! It also wouldn't go away. For weeks I would have a pray over meeting and exorcism just for the pimple to disappear. 

It needed drastic measures. So I go to the only place I trust to touch my skin. Dr. Windie V. Hayano is a very good friend that I only wants nothing but the best for my skin. 

As soon as she saw my face, she explained to me what she needed to do and no amount of prayer was going to help. I needed some kind of injection on my pimple. I hate injections!! I hate pain! But she assured me that I will feel none. True enough, I was able to handle the laser, injections and what-have-you.

I laid there, leaving my whole life in her hands. 

After my face, she worked on taking hair away forever (down there). Too much information?? But it's true!!! And I have never been so happy with the smooth situation that I am in now. 

Of course I don't have photos of that but I do have this really cool photo of me under a red light. It's supposed to create more collagen and reduce inflammation. 

Anyway, I once blogged about this dark spot on my right cheek. After one visit, 2 zaps with laser, it's GONE! Like magic! I swear, I don't need to photoshop that black spot forever! 


Not only do I trust the doctors at The Skin Inc, I love their facilities! So clean, homey and with such friendly staff! 

I am due to go back next week and so should YOU! Even for just plain facial. 

Here's the deal, mention CANDIFIER and you automatically get 20% off (cash) or 15% off (card)!! 

For appointments: 853 3024
Room 303-304, Tritan Plaza, Magallanes Commercial Center, 
Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City

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Elizabeth said...

Hello Ms. Candy
Can you still remember how much you paid for the hair removal? And can I still get a discount if I mention Candifier?
Thanks :)